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Hey Guys,

Been extremely busy with conducting bootcamps, and personal coaching. Also with experimenting with different teaching methods, infield techniques and also mental improvement.

BUT I am finally back ! You can be expecting some new and improved content coming soon.

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We’re holding another Bootcamp next month, on the 24th to the 26th of April. Its a 3 day boot-camp, where we teach from the top-down, and cover a wide-range of topics. You can expect it to be intense, but the by the end of it, I guarantee you will be a lot more confident, and A LOT better with women, with your social life, and at handling your romantic relationships.

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State-Games: 4 Mindsets that Will Make All the Difference with Girls

Hey guys, so we’re back from our christmas holidays. Back to the grind. Except it isn’t a grind because I work in gradual steps and have been writing this article bit by bit throughout the break (Woooo). So this is long overdue, but here it is.

Attractive Qualities

About a month ago, I wrote an article titled “6 ways to be a well-developed & attractive man“. On the surface it may have seemed like just another link-bait type article. An shallow and obvious list of things to do. “Be confident”, “smile”, “stay calm” etc … But essentially, it was a listing of attractive qualities and things to do to start displaying those qualities. I was trying to get you to display character traits that are indicative of a high value man; traits that women find attractive.

I wanted to steer away from more micro topics like body language and skill-sets. Because I feel that a holistic approach is the single best way to improve with women.

So we already know the qualities we must have. That’s the top of the chain. Today I’m going to go down that chain.

It’s a little technical and the concepts may sound a little obscure, but it’s well worth it because the fact that it’s obscure thinking means it’s not common, and you’ll have an edge over other men.

If every guy knows he must be confident, the playing field is level. You need something more. Think about it in this way and that’s why we start from the top and keep trying to build you up, by moving down (the chain). To start with the basics, and to build on that foundation slowly.

How to “learn” qualities

People always tell you, be confident, stay calm, stay unaffected etc … So these are great qualities to have. We know that. So what next. “Learning” and “assuming” these qualities, is a whole different ball game.

There a few ways to “learn” and to self develop. Today I want to talk about a specific way. It is quick, can be implemented almost immediately and is probably the closest thing to a “magic pill” that I can give you.

Most qualities like confidence, being calm etc … Aren’t qualities that stay constant. They fluctuate, much like moods fluctuate.

Some days we wake up more confident, some days less. Some days we feel like we could conquer the world and others, like everything is falling apart.

What we want to do, is to come up with 6 mantras, and corresponding actions that you do as you say that mantra. that induce certain mind sets that support and force us to develop the 6 good qualities we discussed in my first article. More importantly, they should be used as a “pick me up”, on those days that you aren’t feeling to good about yourself. We are going to play state-games to develop qualities.

Now you don’t have to come up with anything because I’ve already done it for you. So let’s get started.

 Mantra / Mindset 1
“I don’t care what other people do, because I can’t control it”

1) Do not look around and observe other people. Force yourself to focus on what you are doing, and only that. You will feel like your eyes want to wander, but you must stop them. Generally speaking, the more socially threatening the situation is (club, bar, good looking people around, celebrities etc …), the more insecure you will feel and the more you will want to look around. But exercise some self control and stop yourself.

You're not getting the girl, because all you're thinking about, is the girl. Savvy?

You’re not getting the girl, because all you’re thinking about, is the girl. Savvy?

2) Focus on what you are doing. And concentrate. The more you start to do what you do, the less interesting other people’s activities seem and the easier it gets to not look around.

How it works:
Doing these things, helps put you in the mindset that you don’t really care what other people are doing, and it eliminates jealousy, envy, insecurity, etc … It also puts you a class above the rest socially because people who don’t care, can’t be affected. And people who can’t be affected, give away no power. If you give away no power, no one can control you, and like I said in article numero uno, people fear what they cannot control.

What we are really trying to do here, is to prevent outward focusing. We want to silence all the white noise.

 Mantra / Mindset 2
“I am the coolest guy here”

– Take pride in what you do. Every movement you make, every step you take. Every activity you engage in, everything you say and every thought you think. Own it.
– Imagine that everyone loves you and you are a star in your own right. Drive negative thoughts out of your head

How it works:
What we are trying to achieve here, is to drive ourselves right to the top of any social order in any social situation, by inward focusing.

Mantra / Mindset 3
“Confidence is the single most attractive quality”

Action (actually a thought in this case):
– Realise that thinking you are attractive is a self fulfilling prophecy. If you think you are attractive to women, you will be confident that you are good with women. And if you are confident, you will be attractive to women. Because confidence alone is attractive.

The problem here, is the paradox of the chicken or the egg. Which one comes first, confidence with women, or being attractive to women. On the surface, it seems like a paradox, but in fact, it isn’t. This is because, the skills required to be good with women, aren’t very difficult. They are things you can often do within 5 seconds on learning what you must do. Good eye contact, standing up straight speaking with authority. These “things” are actually by products of being confident. But, if you can manafacture these by-product by yourself, in the absence of confidence, you are essentially faking it. Most people espouse the powers of “faking it, till you make it”. I espouse something much more insane. I’m saying that given that these skills are so easy to learn and to do, they are often almost non-issues.

So let’s assume that almost every guy, can display confident behaviour, for at least 5 seconds. Given that, and as long as YOU BELIEVE ME WHEN I TELL YOU THAT CONFIDENCE IS THE SINGLE MOST ATTRACTIVE QUALITY, you should be confident that you will be attractive to women.

That confidence, will be attractive to women, and it will further boost your confidence and a vicious but positive cycle ensues. Confidence begets confidence and great confidence leads to great results with women.

You should be able to repeat the mantra above, slightly boost your confidence and even if you’ve never experience positive feelings from a woman in your entire life, as long as you believe what I am telling you, you should be able to be almost instantly decent with women.

I want you to realise that you can manufacture confidence out of thin air. This is so, because it is a specific type of confidence that we are talking about, that of being confident that you are attractive to a woman. All you have to do, is to have faith. Refer to my article on Self-Confidence and women, & how the sky is the Limit, it is a must read.

How it works:
What we are trying to do here, is to manufacture self-efficacy. Being confident that we are good with women, based on knowing that the actual skills involved are simple, and having faith that confidence itself is attractive.

 Mantra / Mindset 4

“I am kind and warm”

1) Smile

2) Be friendly

3) Be kind, warm, but firm. (I put firm in there because sometimes people mistake kindness and warmth for being a pushover, this is incorrect.)

How it works: 
This promotes two things. One for us, and one for you. For us, it promotes kindness and care, for which our company and blog strives to promote much as we can, our contribution to the good causes. It makes the world a better place.

For you, it promotes confidence and good development. Why? Because powerful and well developed people aren’t threatened, by almost anything. Because they are the most powerful already. People who are, powerful, get threatened easily, which leads to defensive, aggressive and unkind behaviour. People who aren’t threatened easily, the powerful, successful sort, don’t have to be.

Being open caring and friendly to begin with sort of backward induces you to be more confident through your self perception. You are more inclined to be a certain type of person, if your actions show that you are. This makes use of what psychologist call Self-Perception Theory. It asserts that individuals come to “know” their own attitudes, emotions, and other internal states partially by inferring them from observations of their own overt behaviour and/ or the circumstances in which this behaviour occurs. Refer to this journal for more information: Self Perception Theory 


  1. Bem, D. J. (1967). Self-Perception: An Alternative Interpretation of Cognitive Dissonance Phenomena. Psychological Review, 74, 183-200.

I hope you guys have had a great Christmas and New Year’s break. So let’s move on. Forget the past, we can’t control that shit, seal it up like a plastic bag and let’s get on with it.Whatever your problems with your self-development, your romantic life, your girlfriend, your lack of a romantic life,  let’s get it handled.




Happy New Year !

Happy new year guys!

If your new year resolutions include self-development and improving your romantic life, we’ll get you there this year!

I’m in Japan at the moment but will be back shortly with new content and bootcamps to help you guys every step of the way.

Walk with us step-by-step and we’ll get there together!




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Establish Your Frame to be Amazing with Women

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Establish Your Frame of Your Reality to be Amazing with Women

The concept of “frame” is widely discussed in the community. Many people throw the term around but few can explain it when asked. Someone new to the community recently asked me: “What is frame?”.

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Cast your vote! Topic Selection for next Blog Post

Hey guys, we always aim to write informative and hard-hitting blog posts that add value to your lives. As such we frequently like to check in just to see what you guys want to hear about. What you guys mostly have problems with and what areas you’d like to improve on the most.

Pick a topic, cast your vote and we’ll write about the topic that gets the most votes for the next blog post!

Launch of our Flagship Bootcamp for Singaporean Men: Project X

Our flagship bootcamp is a go!

Project X: Initiating Romantic Relationships

The coach to student ratio is 3:1, both theory and practical, and will run for 3 days.

This bootcamp is extremely comprehensive and holistic, and is the best way to give you the full spectrum of mindsets, skills and to induce behavioural changes to be exceptionally good with women.

If you are a complete amateur with women, we will help you. If you are already confident and well rounded, we will push you over the edge and really take you to the next level.

The bootcamp is very useful if you want to make a 180 degree transformation, but is also exceptionally useful for allowing you to have the skills and mind-set required to know how to handle any romantic interaction, and turn any encounter with a woman, romantic. Learning to be very good with women, romantically, is something that we feel that will benefit a lot of men, and is something you should really get sorted if you aren’t where you would like to be.

One of the most common scenarios, is that where you are platonic friends with many girls at your office or university, but you just don’t feel like you have the power to turn any of these friendships or acquaintances into something more. Another situation is that where you frequently go to clubs and are surrounded by beautiful women, but you aren’t really capitalising on this fortunate situation.

We will teach you what being good with women is, and how you can get there.

If you want to get a feel for our style, please browse through the blog and look for yourself, or you could also contact us for more details, or to arrange for a free consultation.

We offer a full money-back guarantee on all our programs and bootcamps. So if you feel like we made no change in your life, we’ll refund the course fee, no questions asked.

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Team NSR.